Horween Shell Cordovan No.8 Bi Fold Wallet


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The Wallet has a new design, apart from the main bank notes compartment there is another open panel behind the card slots for your extra bills, or a second currency when you travel, which I think it will be very useful and still look very attractive. This design appears in both versions, but only one side though for the coin pocket version.

The outside is made from Horween Shell Cordovan, one of the oldest and most famous tannery in the world base in Chicago, USA. The leather has a very tight grain and high shine and very good colour depth. The inside is made from a cow hide – Buttero from Walpier also one of the most famous tanneries in Italy. It is entirely hand stitched with saddle stitch using a braided waxed polyester thread. It also has lacquered and polished edges to give a beautiful finish inspired by a Venetian Taxi boat. The wallet will age overtime and get softer with use but still retain its shape due to the very high quality of the leather used. 

This wallet is beautifully crafted with an elegant design and full of functionality as all of the finest wallets should be. 


Card version

When open: 

Approx – H 9.3 x W 23 x D 0.6 cm 

When Closed: 

Approx – H 9.3 x W 11.5 x D 1.5 cm


Horween Shell Cordovan Leather 

Buttero, Walpier Italy 

Waxed Polyester thread 


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