Hebridean Bi Fold Wallet


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Classic look bi-fold credit card wallet with the capacity to keep 6 credit cards with another 2 extra slots behind for your bus, train tickets etc. Made with 1 mm hand dyed vegetable tanned leather for a minimal thickness and to allow the leather to soften and mould to your body shape when used for sometime.

This Credit card wallet will age beautifully overtime, thanks to the benefit of vegetable tanned leather. The thicker waxed polyester thread highlights the beautiful hand stitch to make it unique and different from other commercially machined products.

This wallet is made to fit all major currencies but if you are not sure please feel free to ask.

I design and make each wallet myself in my workshop in Cumbria, England. I hand dye the leather for each item separately so the colours are unique to each individual item. Each wallet is handmade with a saddle stitch using Ritza Polyester thread, one of the best and strongest leather stitching threads available, and the edges of the wallet have been polished and waxed to a mirror like finish.

Please be aware that this is a natural product. The leather possesses the genuine original grain and imperfections of the skin of the animal. These hand dyed vegetable tanned leathers will age over time and darken in colour. It is not entirely water resistant and may stain when wet or when in contact with oils, particularly mineral oils. Please also note that although I make every attempt to show the correct colours, in my photographs, there may be some slight variation with the one supplied. In any case all of these leathers look quite different in different environments and lighting.


100% Full Grain Vegetable Tanned Leather hand dyed in my workshop
Waxed Polyester

Product details:

Sized for all major currencies.

Dimensions when closed: Approx (W) 117 mm x (H) 95 mm x (D) 17 mm When closed

Dimensions when opened: Approx (W) 225 mm x (H) 95 mm x (D) 6 mm When opened

100% Handmade (No machine involved)

Made in Kendal, Cumbria, England


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