Dragonfly Toscana Shell Cordovan Wallet


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This wallet is made from Shell Cordovan Leather produced in the Tuscany Region in Italy. Toscana leather is produced using their own technique and special formulas, by their artisan craftsman, to create a unique soft and pliable texture. It is also glazed to make the leather shinier than other types of Shell Cordovan. When I first received this leather, I could smell its unique scent and feel the texture of this leather and could tell straight away that it is special. 

This item is entirely handmade by myself, in my workshop in Kendal, using traditional hand tools and saddle stitched throughout.  No dies or machines are used during its manufacture and each piece of leather is hand cut and crafted and all of the edges are sealed and lacquered to a high gloss finish. 

For the interior this beautiful vegetable tanned Italian leather is termed ‘Full Grain’.  It is the most expensive top section (or split) of the hide and each piece comes with its own unique patterns arising from: skin folds, scars, veins and other markings. It is not like the cheaper commercial leathers that strip off the top layer, and then emboss a pattern back on, to make the leather look evenly textured and coloured.   Full grain leathers retain their original natural beauty and individuality unique to the animal it has been made from.

Regarding colours, I make every effort to photograph each item as accurately as possible but all leathers can look quite different under different lighting conditions e.g. when indoors or outdoors or when in sun and shade.  


Shell Cordovan Leather from Tuscany, Italy

Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather – Hand dyed by myself

Waxed Polyester thread – Navy Blue


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